What is Direct Mail Marketing?

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Direct marketing is a form of advertising that allows companies to communicate directly to large groups of consumers. Direct mail is a type of marketing that is in the form of something you might receive in the mail. Some examples of direct mail are printed advertising such as printed ads, letters, catalogs, brochures etc. Because of bulk-mail rates, one is able to markedly reduce the cost of postage on this type of advertising.


Targeted mailing lists are used to reach the exact consumers that you want to reach and get a better response. You can find out more about Mailing Lists here.


Direct Mail AdvertisingĀ 

The reason why businesses use direct mail advertising is that it’s a far more efficient way to directly communicate to the consumer, as opposed to forms of mass media outlets such as TV, Radio or the Internet. These are effective in their own way, but you are limited to targeting a specific audience and a lot of people who won’t be interested in your products will be seeing the ads. Additionally, these forms of marketing allow the consumer to shut it off, walk away, or block it without every noticing your ad.


With direct mail, the percentage of consumers who would be interested in your product is much higher and the advertisement is directly placed into the consumer’s hands. If the mail piece is designed in such a way that it grabs the consumer’s attention, you can be sure they will read it.


Because direct mail advertising is a much cheaper and extremely effective way to reach consumers, it should be included in any type of promotional campaign.


Direct mail advertising is also quite effective for Political Campaigns. When you want to win an election, you will use any method necessary to get your candidate in front of the voters. A beautiful postcard or brochure can accomplish this quite effectively. Find out more about Political MailingsĀ here.