When we receive your list, we bring it into our highly specialized postal software and arrange it into zip code order. We then check each and every address against the Post Office's list of every valid address in the United States, invalid addresses are eliminated from the list. We then check for duplicate names & addresses, some of the lists we have received have had hundreds of duplicates. There is no charge for these services unless the mailing list is in bad shape and needs a lot of manual work.

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Long gone are the days of printing labels, putting them on each mailpiece by hand and then spending hours presorting the mail by hand to get just a little postage discount. Our state of the art addressing, barcoding and presorting software and machines inkjet the name, address & barcode directly onto the mailpiece. The barcode we apply is key - it allows for even more postage discounts than presorting alone. But that's not all !! The barcode gets your mail delivered 1 to 4 days faster !!

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When you come to us, we help you get started and then take care of the entire process of getting your pieces mailed with postage savings and we can also help with the printing. We have the capability, and have done over 1 million pieces in a week.

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