Mailing List

Target audienceA mailing list can be very important in getting results with your direct mail campaign.

You can either direct it towards your existing database of customers, saturate a whole geographical area, or you can purchase a targeted list of people or businesses to send to.


Choosing a Mailing List


We provide both consumer, occupant/saturation and business lists. We can help you pick out which kind of list is best for you as well as what unique selectors yo use.  The great thing about mailing lists is that you can get really specific in terms of how targeted you want it to be whether its females over 25 that are new parents or people interested in sports. Here’s a couple of the more popular ways you can target:

  • Geography
  • Age Range
  • Homeowner/renter
  • Estimated Household Income
  • and many more


So, depending on what your industry is or what you’re trying to sell, you can target accordingly. This is obviously one of the more important parts of your direct mail campaign.


You Can Use Your Own Mailing List


If you have your own mailing list that you have purchased or one that you have compiled yourself, you can use that as well. We have special software to clean up any bad addresses and take out any duplicates so that you don’t waste money sending to them.


We recommend ALWAYS mailing to your own compiled list of customers regardless of what else you do. This way you can take advantage of any past or current customers who have already bought your product and may want to do so again. Then you can mail to your new targeted list to get new customers


NCOA – National Change of Address


One of our list processing services is called NCOA (National Change of Address). This means we can run your mailing list through our software to make sure it gets updated with any recent moves. People move a lot, so it’s vital to keep your list up-to-date.

So even if you don’t want to mail to a list, we can still clean-up your list for you.


Contact us today and find out how we can get you a mailing list to fit your needs