What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail is a common form of marketing that reaches the person directly. It is has been one of the most successful tools to increase sales and promote new products to a targeted public for many years. It may be employed by for-profit businesses, charities and other non-profits, political campaigns, and other organizations.


Advertisers often refine direct mail practices into targeted mailing, in which mail is sent following database analysis to select recipients considered most likely to respond positively. For example, a person who is interested in sailing may receive some direct mail for products related to sailing.


Whether at the individual or neighborhood level, direct mail marketing allows recipients to be targeted, attempting to match the demographic profile of the recipients to one most closely matching that of likely customers. Individually targeted direct mail may be tailored based on previous transactions and gathered data.


So, as you can see, direct mail can be a very effective way to reach your specific public.


What Exactly is Bulk Mail? 

Bulk Mail is basically a certain quantity of mail, that when handled correctly, can save you a lot of money on postage. The quantity of a Bulk Mailing would be more than 200 for Standard Mail and 500 or more for First Class Mail. We have done single mailings of more than 1,000,000 pieces. Imagine the savings in postage on that!


So, if you plan on mailing anywhere from 200-1,000,000 pieces of promo, direct mail through Zip Printing & Mailing is the way to go. We will save you money and do all the work!


What Do You Do When You Process/Run My List? 

We automatically look for duplicates where both the name AND the address match. Our default procedure is to keep just one of the duplicates for mailing. If you want us to remove duplicates using different criteria, such as where ONLY the address matches, please be sure to indicate this when submitting your list. There is no charge for this service. We also take out any un-deliverable addresses per our special software though the USPS. We also offer NCOA (National Change of Address) service which changes anyone address who has submitted a change of address form up to 18 months back. All the new addresses are then sent back to you.


Is My Mailing List Safe? 

Yes. We never share any list data with anyone and will completely delete a list upon request.


Can You Hold Our Postcards While We Mail? 

Of course! There is no charge for warehousing your mailing pieces while you mail. If you would like to mail daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly let us know and we can schedule your mailings!


When Will My Mail Be Delivered? 

Your Mail should arrive 1-4 Days from mail drop date for first class, and 1-10 days for standard mail. Please note that standard will take longer for delivery during peak mail/holiday seasons. The post office does NOT specify a delivery time for Standard mail and will possibly defer delivery during heavy mail times. The best way to decide on what class of mail you want is to ask one of our Mail Specialists.


Can We Deliver Our Own Mail? 

When mailing in bulk the mail is only able to be dropped from the BMEU (business mail entry unit) registered to the permit. If you have your own permit, we can presort and ship you the paperwork and mail pieces for you to mail yourself. You should have some knowledge of how Bulk Mail works to ensure you keep your postal discounts.