Mailing List Services

Mailing Lists

Targeted Marketing

In order to do a direct mail marketing campaign, one needs a mailing list. A lot of the success or failure of the campaign depends upon the quality of the mailing list.


It is one thing to have a great product or service and even great offers on a nicely designed mail piece. But if it is not reaching the right people, all of that effort will go to waste. Imagine if you were trying to sell automotive repairs to bicycle owners. Wouldn’t be so effective.


This is why it is important to work with us to carefully select a proper mailing list and then have us process the list using our software.


Doing this will strengthen the results and success of your direct mail campaign greatly. It ensures that your expertly crafted mail piece ends up in the hands of your chosen consumers.


List Processing and National Change of Address (NCOA)

Once you have your mailing list, we will run it through our software which will process the names and ensure that they are in the correct sequence to be able to get the postage discount. It also will remove any duplicates and validates the addresses so that they are accurate.


Another thing that will have to be done is NCOA (National Change of Address). This is a US Post Office program whereby we can check your mailing list for people who have moved in the past 18 months. When an individual or company moves, and fills out a change of address form at the Post Office, that data goes into a database we can then access. We get the new address, mail to THAT address and send you the new information as well. The USPS requires this service to be run once every 3 months on any list addressed only to individual names or companies.


Now that your mailing list is ready, and your mail pieces have been printed, they are ready to be addressed and mailed!