Huge Postal Savings using Zip Printing & Mailing

Postage Discounts
Do you want to save hundreds or thousands on your postage? We process and handle your mail so that the Post Office qualifies it for cheaper postage rates. No more putting 55 cent stamps on your mail piece.


A lot of people don’t realize how much of a postal discount you can actually get.


From the moment you send us a job, we save you so much money (and work!) AND you get the best form of promotion possible!?


Almost too good to be true.


For your best postage savings and postage discounts, direct mail through Zip Mailing is the way to go!



If you mail 5,000 5.5 x 8.5 postcards yourself. You have to print labels, stick them on, one by one and then stamp each one with 66 cent stamps. Price for postage = $3,300 + hours of work and a bald tongue.


If you mail 5,000 5.5 x 8.5 postcards with us, you send us your list or purchase one from us, we clean up your list and send you those files, then address and mail them. The postage price estimated at 38 cents each (or lower) = $1,900 + Mail House fees as low as $175 = $2,075. That is $1,225 in savings as well as virtually no work for you to do and a higher chance of your mail arriving.

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