Direct Mail Advantages

Are You Trying to Grow Your Business or Get New Patients?

We encourage our customers to use any and all forms of marketing to promote their business, whether it’s e-mail marketing, web marketing, social media or direct mail. However, it’s been proven over time, that direct mail marketing, if done right, can produce the best ROI for your business.

10 Reasons Why Direct Mail Works

Here’s some reasons why direct mail has been the longest lasting and most effective form of marketing

It’s Personal – You can build a relationship with your prospective or current customers by creating personalized direct mail pieces with the recipient’s name and a customized message. This personalized touch is critical in building a relationship with the reader and results in a higher likelihood of causing action.

It’s Targetable – With direct mail campaigns, you have the ability to use existing and past customer information so as to target the prospects most likely to respond to your message (from a specific neighborhood to precise household characteristics and personal interests).

It’s Tangible – Direct mail is delivered directly to your prospects’ hands, so they are virtually guaranteed to see your message. Since customers can also physically touch your piece of mail, they are more likely to see its contents as reliable.

It’s Noticeable – Traditional mailboxes are seeing a decline in volume as people and businesses switch to digital both for personal contact and bill paying. With the decreased volume of traditional mail, direct mail is more effective due to fewer messages competing for your recipient’s attention.

It’s Long Lasting – Emails are usually deleted from the inbox quickly, while direct mail has a greater chance to grab the attention of your prospective customer as the message remains in the home for a longer period of time.

It’s Measurable – Direct mail is unique in comparison to other marketing channels in that its results and performance can be easily tracked to measure the financial return on your marketing investment. By using various methods to identify the response, you can track the cost per lead, overall results, and the profitability of your campaign to determine its success.

It’s Cost Effective – Sending direct mail is a cost effective solution to get your message into the hands of your prospective customer. Direct mail is one of the most responsive forms of marketing and typically generates a low cost per order or lead, making your return on investment noteworthy.

Provide Exclusive Offers – With a direct mail campaign you can offer exclusive discounts and special offers that customers and prospects can only find in their mailbox.

Helps to Build Your Brand – Company messaging, no matter the type, can help to build your brand and improve company recognition.

It Can Be Integrated Into a Marketing Campaign – Direct mail can work as part of an integrated marketing campaign when combined with email, social media, TV, or radio and can also drive prospects to your website in order to create a multi-channel marketing approach.

It Generates A Response – With a call to action to dial a custom phone number to place an order, or a custom URL to visit a company’s website, direct mail marketing is designed to generate a response from recipients and has generated successful response rates in comparison to other direct marketing methods.

It’s Proven – Direct mail is a proven marketing channel that has stood the test of time. In 2017 direct mail continues to yield successful results that confirm its place at the top of the marketing ladder.