Here are some of the ways you can target your customers with the mailing services that we provide at Zip Printing & Mailing:


Printing Service

Need Postcards? Brochures? Magazines? Doorhangers? You name it. Get your mail piece printed through us. Just send us your art work and you will have a nice 4-color mail piece printed and ready to be mailed.


Mailing List Processing

Not only do we help you purchase a tailor-made mailing list for your target market, but we also run it through our software and process the list so that it is in the order needed to get the postage discounts. We go through the same process with any list you provide in the correct format. We take out any un-deliverable addresses and duplicate addresses to help save you money.


National Change of Address (NCOA)

This is a US Post Office program whereby we can check your mailing list for people who have moved in the past 18 months. When an individual or company moves, and fills out a change of address form at the Post Office, that data goes into a database we can then access. We get the new address, mail to THAT address and send you the new information as well. The USPS requires this service to be run once every 3 months on any list addressed only to individual names or companies.


Addressing & Presorting Service

Now that you have your mail pieces and your list, it’s time to address the names onto the mail piece and get them sorted for the Post Office to get you the maximum discount. We use our high-speed mailing equipment to print an address and barcode on your mail piece. This service saves the Post Office a lot of time and is why there is such a big postal discount.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

The newest service offered by the Post Office is “Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)”. This is a way to mail your mailpiece to whatever selected routes you choose using the Post Office’s online tool. You’re mailpiece then goes to every address on that particular route. Every door. Some businesses prefer this method as the postage is quite cheap. However, it is less directed.



A “tab” is a small, round sticker that folds over the top of the mail piece in order to keep it from opening up. If it’s a brochure or folded mail piece, it must have a tab at the top. This is a Postal Requirement and is needed in order for us to get you the postage discounts.



Our equipment can also apply self-adhesive presorted stamps directly to your mail piece for a more personal look. Stamps are available in 1st class, standard and non-profit.



We can insert letters with our high speed inserting machines. Mail Merge or Mail Match letters are popular these days and we can provide these services.